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Raise your hand if you are a collar addict....Yeah? Me too.

Alisha and 3 Hounds (taken 2006)My 2 Hounds Design adventure began in 2003 when I needed an outlet for my creative energy and wanted to find that special martingale dog collar for my two retired racing Greyhounds. What started out as a way to create something special for my own hounds turned into my passion and I am lucky to be living my dream, and doing what I love.

My educational background is in Physics (B.S., and M.S.) and Mathematics (B.A.). The research skills I learned in school and in my short career as a Project Manager combined with my creative side is what fuels me.

What started as a one-woman show has turned into a team effort. I have hand selected my team of employees so that each person has different strengths that help make 2HD who we are today. I am lucky to live in what used to be a textile Mecca, where a large part of the world's furniture was once sewn. Many of those jobs have gone overseas, so it really means a lot to me to be able to help employ some of the people who have lost their jobs.

My team and I have worked long and hard to perfect the art of collar making. We only use premium hardware, first quality fabrics, and all of our collars are available lined with a super soft cuddle satin lining. We spend a great deal of time searching and establishing relationships with fabric and ribbon dealers all over the world. From Hand loomed Laotian Silk to French Jacquard Ribbon to Asian Silk Brocades, and even Scalamandre Silks, I choose each fabric or ribbon myself to create a stunning selection of dog collars!

And the best part? I am able to give more and do more for the canine community than I ever could if I worked a 9-5 job. We often donate products for fundraisers, we have hosted several programs in which a percentage of profits from a particular collar collection were given to groups, and we love hosting auctions to help raise money for adoption groups. In the almost 10 years that we have been in business, we have helped raise more than $500,000 for adoption groups all over the world.

The 2HD Hounds :)

Paradise - our first hound

Feb 2000-Nov 2010

Iceman, our senior

May 1996-Jan 2010

Bandit - our guardian

Aug 1999-Sept 2012

Mia Bella, our sweet faced girl

Mia Bella
April 2003

Tippity Doo

September 2004