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Anatomy of a 2HD Dog Collar

Martingale Collars are more than just pretty strips of fabric around your hound's neck. We like to call them Decorative Safety Equipment because that pretty strip of fabric could be all that is keeping your couch potato from bolting out into traffic and getting badly hurt!
We have spent years perfecting our methods of collar-making, to ensure your martingale collar or buckle dog collar is not only beautiful, but it is safe!

The Base

All 2 Hounds Design dog collars start off with a strong webbing base. Lightweight webbing flexes and conforms around your hound's neck but passes weight tests up to 600 lbs/inch so it will hold even the strongest hound in check. You get your choice of widths, from 5/8" wide (La Petite Woof section only), 1", 1.5", and 2" wide collars.

The Lining

We line every dog collar with cuddle satin, which wraps completely around the webbing core, leaving no exposed edges or bumps or wrinkles that could irritate your dog's neck.
The Cuddle Satin lining provides a slightly padded interior and a super soft surface that will protect even the most sensitive neck. Cuddle Satin is a flannel backed satin that is softer and more durable than anything else we have found and therefore it is the ONLY lining we use.

What Makes them look great?

The decorative component of the Martingale Collar is where 2 Hounds Design really stands out. We spend a great deal of time searching and establishing relationships with fabric and ribbon dealers all over the world. From Handloomed Laotion Silk to French Jacquard Ribbon to Silk Brocades, and even Scalamandre Silk, we choose each fabric or ribbon special to provide you with a Stunning dog collar that is perfect for your hound! Martingale Dog Collar - Claret Bees

Ribbons are always matched up so that the pattern runs in the same direction to ensure that your collar is perfect from every direction. We carefully cut our fabric to give you the best possible pattern placement and we painstakingly iron each piece to the perfect size, making sure that patterns are centered and the resulting dog collar is a work of art that your hound will be proud to wear!

The Hardware

Hardware is another component that we take very seriously and we only use premium hardware that will look great for years to come. We spent years searching for the perfect hardware sources because not all hardware is created equal.
Premium Dog Collar Hardware
We offer at no additional cost, your choice ofSolid cast Brass or Premium nickel plated Steel welded d-rings. Any other d-ring is simply not safe. The slides that we use are Premium Brass or Nickel Plated Zinc - a lessor slide would work but we prefer the look of the Cast slides and think the end result is worth it!
Premium Leash HardwareWe use quality Trigger Snap hardware for our leashes in your choice of brass or silver. The trigger snap is a premium leash snap that does not open easily, preventing your dog from getting loose and leaving you holding an empty leash. Again, lessor hardware will work, but we prefer the look and functionality of this style of leash hardware.


The stitching that holds each dog collar together is just as important as the hardware. We use industrial sewing machines and Colormatched Bonded Nylon thread. We use the colormatched thread because it is softer on your dog's neck and makes for a more comfortable collar.
We use a Strong, Tight, Lockstitch sewn using walking foot industrial sewing machines. We don't use any fancy zig zag stitches because they can actually shred the webbing and weaken it. We sew the D-ring in tight so that it doesn't spin. This makes a more beautiful dog collar and it also prevents the D-ring from "spinning", which can produce a "sawing" action and wear through the collar faster.

Martingale Dog Collar - Black Laotian

We believe very strongly in our workmanship and quality and Guarantee EVERY martingale collar and Buckle collar we sell against any flaws in workmanship.

If you have any questions or need help making your selection, please feel free to contact us! Now get started shopping!