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Side Release dog collars are the type of collars most owners are used to seeing in pet stores. They are an adjustable collar with a side release buckle that snaps together around the neck.

What makes our dog collars different?

2 Hounds Design takes this standard dog collar to a whole new level with our premium hardware, careful construction, and unique fabrics and ribbons. We use Weinerlock(tm) or Stealth(tm) buckles by National Moulding to ensure that our buckles are safer than your standard model. We also line all of our collars in cuddle satin to provide the softest possible collar for your dog's neck. In addition, we use the same great silk fabrics, ribbons, and trimmngs as on our Martingale collars to ensure that your dog is stylish while also remaining safe!
Our Dog Collars are perfect for Training, and in fact, we get many collars from trainers who are looking for a great source to recommend for Martingale Collars.
If you are looking for something specific, we are always happy to make a custom dog collar to fit your needs!
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