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Donation Requests

We are passionate about animals, and as such, we are always happy to donate to non-profit charity groups. I also offer a generous wholesale discount to rescue and adoption groups. My wholesale discount has allowed many groups to sell my collars in their online or onsite store to earn additional funds for their group. If you are interested in this option, please contact me.

Because of the large number of donation requests I receive (almost daily), I simply cannot fulfill every request. Due to the increased volume of requests I find it necessary to ask that all proceeds from donations *MUST* be used for non-profit organizations that help find homes for Greyhounds or other breeds. In addition, we ask that you place a link on your website to our website so that your adopters and supporters can find us.
To request a donation, please go to our Contact Us page and answer the questions below in the form.  Incomplete requests will not be considered.
  • Group's name
  • address (used to send donation)
  • phone number
  • contact person
  • U.S. 501-c-3 Federal tax exempt number
  • Purpose of request (e.g., fundraiser, raffle, auction)
  • Date and location of event, auction, etc
  • Location of link to 2 Hounds Design from your group's website

NOTE: Submission of a donation request does not guarantee the request can or will be fulfilled, although every attempt will be made. Requests should be submitted using the form on this page.

Please submit requests at least 1-2 months prior to the event.

PLEASE NOTE:  One guaranteed way to receive a donation from 2 Hounds Design is to purchase a collar as a donation to your group at full price and we will match your collar donation for up to 3 collars!  If you purchase a collar from 2 Hounds Design that YOU plan to donate to your adoption group, please provide the information above in the comments section of your order and we will MATCH your donation!