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Euro Leash (double connection)

Euro Leash (double connection)
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zzzzzkeystone euro leash
1" wide Euro leash with a detachable handle, this lead was developed to work in combination with the patented FREEDOM Harness as a front / rear control. This is a great option if you want to use the 2 connections on the harness with a longer leash. You may also connect to the dog's collar and harness simultaneously for added control from the rear. The FREEDOM Lead also has many other configurations listed below.

*Traffic handle all by itself.

*Connect the Traffic Handle to the stationary ring at end of leash and use it as an 8' leash.

*Fold leash in half. Clip one end of leash to your dog's collar or harness and the other end to the stationary ring. Clip the Trafffic Handle to the floating ring. This makes a 4' lead.

*To create a 2 foot leash, continue from step two, slide the floating o-ring towards you and reconnect it to the bolt snap that is connected to your dog's collar.

*Place lead around shoulder/back and clip (1) end to floating ring and other end to dog. This makes a hands free lead.

*Place lead around waist and clip (1) end to floating ring and other end to dog. This makes a hands free lead.

*To keep your dog close and safe while sitting stationary with him/her, simply attach leash to your dog and wrap the handle end of leash around a pole, fence post, railing or small tree and attach both snaps in the handle to the floating o-ring. (use this method only while remaining with your dog)

*Leash and Collar Combo- Us it as a temporary leash and collar. Slide the black washer lock all the way down to the bolt snap, attach the same bolt snap to the floating o-ring, creating a loop. Slip the loop over your dog's head , pull slightly as to gather excess and use it as a slip lead to get your dog home safely. (this should not be a permanent collar, but an emergency collar to get your dog or a stray dog safely home)
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William Steber
Dec 28, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I really don't know which to praise the most. The Harness or the Euro Leash. So, I'll do both. I have two American Eskies, one Female and one Male. Until I purchased the Euro leash life was going into two directions at the same time. Now both Amie and Apache are walking together and neither pull against the other. Life is good. Along with the Harness I did NOT have to train either one to behave when walking them both together. No pulling, no go their own way, it is truly a work of perfection from the first minute I put the Harnesses on them and starting using the Euro Leash. They were already preforming terrific with the harness, but now we go everywhere without any trouble. And I'm a disabled Veteran 70 years young. Thanks to 2hounds Design, I'm a happy camper.

Advantages: Total and absolute control and I mean that in a kindly way. I love my Girl and Boy to much to have it any other way.

Disadvantages: NONE!!!!!!!
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