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Everything you need to know before you order

General Information

When you place your order, please understand that we sew all dog collars and leashes custom to your specifications. It typically takes 10-14 days to complete your order and get it in the mail to you. If we can get it finished and shipped before then, we promise we will! Because each order is custom made, your card will be charged at the time the order is placed.  Freedom Harnesses are usually in stock (most sizes/colors) and should ship within 3-5 days if they are the only items on the order.

Exchange/Return Policy

If you realize after placing your order that you ordered the wrong size, color, or design, contact us immediately and we will be happy to make the changes to your order before it is made.

Please note: No used harnesses will be accepted for return or exchange. If you realize you have ordered the wrong size harness, you can exchange your unused harness for the correct size for the cost of shipping within 7 days of receipt.

Every 2HD collar is custom made when you place your order. PLEASE measure your dog if you are unsure what size you need. If you receive your order and realize that you accidentally ordered the wrong size or width, your order can be exchanged for a $12 per collar fee, which covers the labor to create a new collar and the shipping charges to send the collar back to you.

Please Contact Us and you will be asked to send the NEW and UNUSED item(s) back to us along with a check or money order for the exchange fee. If you want to return any item(s) for a refund, we will refund you for the price of the NEW and UNUSED item(s) less a 20% "restocking" fee.

We guarantee our construction, seams, and hardware and in the EXTREMELY rare case that you find a defect in construction, please Contact Us immediately and we will replace your item at no cost to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Normal wear and tear does not qualify as a construction defect and therefore does not qualify for exchanges or returns.

What is Normal Wear and Tear?

Wear and tear will be different depending on the collar and how rough and tumble your dog is. If you have a heavy scratcher, mud roller, or rough playing dog, your collars will begin to show normal wear and tear faster than if you have a lap dog that sleeps all day. You are always welcome to Contact Us to ask about the durability of a collar you are considering for your dog.

Additional Advice - Wear and tear on your collar will be significantly reduced if you have more than one collar that you switch around on a regular basis. It will also be significantly reduced if you have a tag collar that is worn daily in the house and you save your designer dog collars for walks, visits, outtings, etc.This is the same concept of having different clothing for yourself for different activities.
Imagine that you wear the same shirt and the same jeans every single day, 24 hours per day. After 6 months of being worn every single day, both the shirt and the pants are going to start looking extremely worn and maybe not fit to be worn in public. If they were worn during extreme activity (exercise, gardening, etc) they will look worse than if they were worn while lounging around the house. You wouldn't garden in your ball gown or "dress up" clothes because they would get dirty and wear out faster.

You are welcome to Contact Us for more information about how to preserve the life of your dog collar. We are happy to answer questions to the best of our ability based on how you describe your dog's activity level and daily life.


Inspect Your Collars

Please inspect your dog collars frequently for signes of potential problems and to make sure that your dog has not chewed or scratched the collar. While we make sure every collar that is shipped is ready to keep your pooch safe, a well placed toenail can damage even the strongest seam and it is important that you determine the condition of each collar before using it.

Consumer assumes all responsibility for determining which collar is suitable for their situation. When you place your order, you acknowledge that you accept all responsibility while using 2 Hounds Design products.


Washing your 2 Hounds Design dog collar

With so many different fabrics to choose from, it is almost impossible to have uniform washing instructions. When in doubt, please contact us and ask for advice. Most silk brocades, cotton prints, and woven jacquards can be placed in a laundry bag or knotted pillowcase and washed in the washing machine. Allow it to air dry and your collar is good as new!

Beaded collars or other very special collars should be spot treated with a Tide stick or other spot remover.


If you aren’t 100% sure about what size dog collar you should order, PLEASE measure your dog. It is important to remember that we make each collar custom when it is ordered, so if you fail to measure your dog and order the wrong size, there is a $12 fee to exchange the collar for the correct size. The general guidelines below do NOT take the place of measuring your dog, you should always measure to make sure you are ordering the correct size.

Martingale Dog Collars can be made in your choice of 1”, 1.5" or 2" and for the ribbons available in the XSmall collars section, 5/8" wide. Buckle Martingale Collars and Side Release Buckle Dog Collars are available in 5/8”, 1” or 1.5” widths. The 2" wide hardware is significantly heavier than 1" and 1.5" hardware


Italian Greyhounds and other very small breeds most often need an XSmall collar, which is adjustable from 7-11 inches. The very small breeds do best with a 5/8” or 1” wide Martingale Collar. I don’t recommend Buckle Martingale Collars for dogs this small because the buckle reduces the amount of adjustability.
If you NEED a buckle martingale collar for your very small breed dog, I recommend that you stick with a 5/8” wide collar from our XSmall Collars collection.

Whippets, Jack Russell Terrier, and other small/medium sized breeds most often need a size Small, which is adjustable from 10-14 inches. Whippets can wear a 5/8”, 1”, or 1.5” wide collar because they have such long necks. Other small/medium sized breeds do best with 5/8” or 1” wide dog collars.

Greyhounds, Saluki, Afghans, and other medium sized dogs will need a size Medium martingale dog collar, which is adjustable from 13-18 inches. Some larger greyhounds (80+ lbs) sometimes need a size Large martingale collar, which is adjustable from 15-20 inches. You will be able to determine this when you measure your dog’s neck.

Large Greyhounds, smaller Labs, Golden Retrievers, and other large breed dogs most often need a size Large collar, which is adjustable from 15-20 inches.

Great Danes, larger Labs, and other very large breed dogs will definitely need measurements to determine the correct size. Some Danes can wear a size Large, some require an XLarge collar, it really depends on the size of your dog.

If you have a dog whose neck is larger than XXLarge (26-34 inches) you will need to select “Specify” from the size menu and in the comments section of your order, specify the size needed in the comments section when you check out.

Shipping Information

We use USPS Mail for packages delivered in the US and USPS Global Mail for packages outside of the US. Typically delivery times once the package goes in the mail are 2-4 days in the US, 4-10 days for international packages. These times can vary depending on the time of the year. Remember, we make every collar custom so it can take up to 10-14 days before your collar goes in the mail.

We charge $6.75 for up to 3 dog collars and $1 extra for each additional 2 collars after that for US shipping. For international shipping, we charge the actual cost of shipping the collar to you, which ranges from $16.75-21.75.

Dog Collar Construction

All 2 Hounds Design collars are made with care and attention to detail. We are greyhound owners so we understand the need for safe collars above all else. We only use premium hardware, industrial sewing machines, and bonded nylon thread. For more details about the construction of your 2HD collar, please visit our Anatomy of a 2HD Collar page.
To learn more about the different types of dog collars that we offer, see the links below.

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