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Freedom Harness Chewing Warranty Repair

Freedom Harness Chewing Warranty Repair
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You are welcome to call us at 704-234-0228 to get your Return Authorization number if that is easier for you.  What you are purchasing on this page is the return shipping to send the harness back to you once it is fixed.  

Here is how the process works:

1.  Wash your harness (you can hand wash and air dry or put it in a knotted pillowcase and put it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, let it air dry).
2.  Print your paid invoice (you will receive via email) and put it in the package with the harness.  Send to:

                                            2 Hounds Design
                                            3038 Eaton Ave
                                            Indian Trail NC 28079

3.  We will fix your harness and send it back to you using the $6 that you paid for shipping.  

That's it, super easy!


Please note:  If you do not already have a chewed harness, you do not need to purchase this.  The warranty is FREE with your harness purchase, so you don't need to purchase this item when you place your order for a harness.

Our structural warranty is not a guarantee that products cannot be chewed. Nylon webbing is extremely strong, however, it is a woven product and considering that dogs can chew through bones, biting through webbing is not a tough task. 

The webbing used for the Freedom harness has a 3800 lb test strength, the same grade used to tow small vehicles.  It does not break or fray apart when worn by a dog, no matter how large or strong.  It does not fray apart unless cut or chewed. An example of chewed product can be seen in the image above. Many owners do not believe their dog chewed their harness because their dog is not usually a chewer.  Nevertheless, it happens.

Repairs are FREE of charge up to a maximum of two (2) chewed pieces per return.  The $6 charge is for return shipping to send your repaired harness back to you.

If more pieces are chewed, there is a $2 charge per additional piece.  There is also a $2 charge for any buckle or hardware that is chewed or missing.

The harness MUST be washed and allowed to completely dry prior to being sent in to us (see instructions below**).   We will charge a $5 fee to clean a dirty harness returned for repair.

An improperly dried harness put into the mail may become moldy and acquire an unpleasant odor.  Harnesses received in this condition will be subject to the $5 fee to clean the harness.  

There is a modest $6.00 fee to cover return shipping and handling for all chewing repairs.

Need more warranty information? Please contact us through our website or call 704-234-0228 and we will be happy to help you with your repair!

Typical Repair Time

* If you send the product back to us via USPS Priority it should reach us in 2 – 3 business days.  It then takes 3 – 6 business days for repairs, and typically 2 – 3 days for return mail.  The usual time elapsed from when you mail it to when you get it back is therefore about 2 weeks.  (the mail times quoted here are for United States customers.  International repairs will take longer due to longer mail delivery times.

** Harness Washing Instructions

The harness MUST be washed and allowed to completely dry prior to being sent in to us.  It can be washed in the washing machine on the delicate cycle (inside a knotted pillowcase or lingerie bag) or it can be hand washed.

In both cases, allow the harness to air dry completely before sending it back to us. 

Click Here to read Everything you need to know before you place your order.
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(6 reviews)  

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Kristin Godwin
Jan 20, 2016
I was totally impressed with the warranty and how speedy they were with repairing and returning to me. I've used this service twice now and am SO happy I bought the harness from this company. THank you!
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john kapust
Jan 30, 2016
I had just purchased the no-pull collar and my corgi chewed a front leash strap in a matter of a few hours.

Advantages: martingale collar

Disadvantages: front strap was chewed thru in a mater of a few hours. Sent in for repair.
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Pat Tancredi
Nov 19, 2015
I love the chew guarantee. My cockapoo is 19 lbs - and somehow he chews thru the webbing. This will be the second time sending it 2 Hounds. Last time it was repaired beautifully and returned very quickly.

Advantages: Freedom Harness Chewing Warranty Repair because made in USA no out of country.

Terrific policy.

Disadvantages: NONE
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Nov 16, 2016
I have bought three of the harnesses and find them a most amazing product and training tool

Advantages: great harness repair program which I have had to use several times and use the harness itself almost daily

Disadvantages: none that I can think of
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Lisa Podgorsek
Apr 28, 2016
These leashes are wonderful. Just need to make sure it is fitted correctly and not too loose in the front. My puppy chewed almost through the front in under a minute while waiting for me to get ready. I think this is wonderful that they will fix it for shipping. We love these harnesses. We have a Native American Indian Dog so he is a big puppy.

Advantages: He seems to like his harness a lot and it makes our walking experience much better.
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