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Shamrocks and Clover
Shamrocks and Clover
Added: 03-02-2018

Shamrock Showers
Shamrock Showers
Added: 03-02-2018

Margaritas de Primavera - Exclusive
Margaritas de Primavera - Exclusive
Added: 02-21-2018

Geometric Collars

Like the song suggests, it is hip to be square! And if your dog is wearing one of our geometric dog collars, he or she will be ultra hip!

You will find stripes, exotic handloomed silks, our silk brocade blocks, and more! Our geometric category is probably our largest category so be sure and look at all of the pages.

The dog collars in this category are available as a martingale with or without the buckle as well as standard dog collars.


Red Scroll
Royal Reflections - LIMITED
Royal Reflections - LIMITED
Market price: $35.00 save 17%

Be Your Own Dog Teddy the Dog - Blue
1" Squirrel Essential Dog Collar
1" I Herd you Essential Dog Collar - Teddy the Dog
All You Need Is...
Dots and More Dots - LIMITED
Hearts Pink/Orange
Obedience School Dropout Teddy the Dog Collar
1" NEW Dirty Dogs Essential Dog Collar - Teddy the Dog
Hearts Brown/Pink
Hope for Hounds 2012 - RUST

Wabilions - EXCLUSIVE!
Star Light, Star Bright
Wanna Play? Teddy the Dog
Miranda - LIMITED!
Dashing Bowtie
Molecular - Exclusive
Coqui - Exclusive
Paradise Found - Cream - Exclusive
1" Sniff Happens Essential Dog Collar - Teddy the Dog
Dapper Bowtie
Grayscale Bowtie
Hope for Hounds 2012 - BLUE
1" Lucky Clover Essential Dog Collar
1" Domo Arigato Essential Dog Collar
Dots for Days - LIMITED!
Shamrock Showers
Be Your Own Dog Teddy The Dog - Gray
Lucky Shoes
Dottilicious - Pink/Green - LIMITED
Vineyard - LIMITED!
1" Bees Essential Dog Collar
Shamrocks and Clover
Dottilicious - Black/Red - LIMITED
Dirty Dogs Have more Fun Teddy the Dog Collar
Chasin' Tail Teddy the Dog Collar
1" Paradise Found Navy Essential Dog Collar
1" Plaid Birds Essential Collar