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New Arrivals

Fairview - LIMITED
Fairview - LIMITED
Added: 09-19-2017

Peacock - Purple - Exclusive
Peacock - Purple - Exclusive
Added: 09-19-2017

Patriotic Flair - LIMITED
Patriotic Flair - LIMITED
Added: 05-30-2017

Geometric Collars

Like the song suggests, it is hip to be square! And if your dog is wearing one of our geometric dog collars, he or she will be ultra hip!

You will find stripes, exotic handloomed silks, our silk brocade blocks, and more! Our geometric category is probably our largest category so be sure and look at all of the pages.

The dog collars in this category are available as a martingale with or without the buckle as well as standard dog collars.


Just Dottie Cocoa/Turquoise
Lavish - Moss
1.5" Wide POW collar with Essential Leash
Sugar Skull Purple
Dragon - Lilac
Tile Navy - Reversed - EXCLUSIVE
Hope for Hounds 2010
Plaid - Teal with Essential Leash
Plaid - Purple with Essential Leash!
6 or 12 Keystone Nylon Collars (We match your donation!)
Sugar Skull Black
Kiss This!
Soft Kitty
Just Dottie Black/Pink
Eclectic Stars - EXCLUSIVE with Essential Leash

Leaf Tile - Red - EXCLUSIVE
Leaf Tile - Navy - EXCLUSIVE
2" Dragon's Breath Martingale Collar - LIMITED!
Reflect Your Personality - Choose!
Forest Fox - EXCLUSIVE
Velvet Collars - Custom Design Your Own!