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Greyhound Collars

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In the past, Greyhound Collars were made using metal, leather, and other heavy materials. The collars were designed to protect the neck while the greyhounds hunted in heavily wooded areas. These days, Greyhound Collars still protect the hound, but in a different way. They prevent the hound from escaping and getting hurt in traffic. The materials, however, are quite different.

Martingale Collars are often called Greyhound Collars or Sighthound collars because they are so often seen on greyhounds and sighthounds. Collars for greyhounds are specially designed so that they tighten when your greyhound pulls, so your hound can't slip out and escape. Greyhounds have heads that are smaller than their necks and can easily slip out of a standard non-martingale dog collar.

2 Hounds Design offers an exclusive selection of Greyhound Collars, which can be sized for Whippets, Saluki, Afghan, Borzoi, or any other sighthound breed. Martingale Collars are also great for other breeds, many trainers are recommending Martingale Collars over other collar styles. If you have any questions, Contact Us and we will help you make your selection!