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(The color lining in the image above is Bronze, the matching leash will have brown velvet to match the hounds and looks beautiful with all of the lining colors)

Please note: The 1" ribbon is sold out so we are no longer able to make matching leashes.

Spry, mischievous, energetic and playful. Fast, curious, intelligent and soulful. The hounds on this exclusively designed collar embody all of these descriptions. The greyhound community use those words all the time to describe their friends, both past and present. They almost seem words to live by.

Too many of our hounds are lost to the horrifying disease, osteosarcoma. These hounds fight bravely and with the strength of an entire worldwide community behind them, with dignity and courage, too many of us say goodbye. None of us has lost a hound alone in this community, and that offers its own sense of comfort. We are not a family that turns their backs on any member, we don’t give up, and collectively, we fight our battles hard. So while this whimsical collar may seem adorable and fun, it represents all the strength and inspiration of the most fierce collection of people and the hounds that own them worldwide.

So as we all gaze at the playful, vital hounds on this collar, they will represent different hounds to every one of us. For some, it is the hound currently on our couch. For others, it is the hounds that have left us, gleefully playing in wait at the Rainbow Bridge, whole and healthy once again.

For those of us at 2 Hounds Design, they represent the future. That bright day when we as a community no longer have a curl of dread in our stomachs when we see our hounds limp, when we can grieve our hounds passing without anger, as they lived long, whole, healthy lives until old age claimed them. When we can devote our auction hosting and fundraising solely to helping every hound find a home.

We see that future, we BELIEVE. Won’t you help us? Won’t you stand with us and as a community proclaim that we all BELIEVE? The future is coming closer every day, and with your help, it gets even closer. BELIEVE with us, BELIEVE for us, BELIEVE for them. All of them. Past, present and future.

For each collar and leash sold, we will donate $5, for each key fob sold, we will donate $2 to Hope for Hounds. Last year we raised over $6400 for Hope for Hounds. We can do better than that this year, I BELIEVE we can!

The collars are available with 6 lining options. Choose from Bluish Teal (to match the ribbon), Bronze, Copper, Gold, Kiwi Green, or Eggplant. And you can add a matching Key Fob for yourself so that you can show the world that we WILL beat this disease even when you don't have a hound at your side.

PLEASE NOTE: The matching leash for this collar will be made with HFH ribbon on one side and rich brown velvet on the other side.

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