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Teal Freedom No Pull Harness

Teal Freedom No Pull Harness
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Harness is teal with a silver loop, Training Leash (if selected) has a teal handle with a silver body.  Euro Leash (if selected) is all teal.

Why are we so enthusiastic about the Freedom No-Pull Harness?

Please watch this video for a quick introduction, and then read the details below.

Makes Walking Fun!  

The Freedom no-pull Harness features a patented control loop on the back of the harness, which tightens gently around your dog's chest to discourage pulling and make walking your dog an easy, more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Keeps your dog safe! 

The Freedom no-pull Harness is made with premium quality materials:

  • Stainless steel hardware that will not rust or corrode, even if you live near the ocean!
  • Nylon webbing strong enough to tow a small car, that will not break or tear no matter how hard your dog pulls.
  • Four adjustment points to ensure the harness can be fitted snuggly but comfortably on any body type/shape.
  • Chest strap lined with Swiss Velvet to help prevent rubbing and chafing, and
  • Straps that are all turned out to help prevent chafing and raw spots along the seams.

The available harness sizes will hold any dog from 14 lbs all the way up to 250+ lbs.

Gives You Better Control!

The Freedom no-pull Harness features a structural ring on the front of the harness. Connecting to this ring is optional but recommended, as it allows you to connect to the front and back of the harness simultaneously. Used this way, the main connection on the back of the harness tightens gently around the chest to discourage pulling behavior, while the connection on the front of the harness allows you to redirect your dog's attention back to you for training and treats.  

Big and Small Dog Options!

The Freedom no-pull Harness comes in two widths:

  • 5/8” for smaller dogs, under 40 lbs, for example Dachshunds, Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Jack Russell Terriers, etc.  
  • 1” wide for larger dogs, 40 lbs and over, such as Basset Hounds, Boxers, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Greyhounds, Mastiffs, etc.

Choose the appropriate harness width and size in the drop-down menu based on your dog’s size. 

Easy Measuring for a Great Fit!

To measure for the harness, use a soft measuring tape (or a piece of string) and measure all the way around the LARGEST part of your dog's chest. Choose the SMALLEST size that fits within that measurement.

For example:

  • For a 5/8” harness, if your dog has a 24” chest, we recommend size Small for the best fit.
  • For a 1” harness, if your dog has a 28" chest, we recommend size Medium for the best fit.

Multiple Leash Attachment Options!

The Freedom no-pull Harness is designed for use with a regular leash, as well as our optional, configurable Training and Euro leashes:

  • The Training Leash, provides additional control points. It can be attached to the front and back of the harness simultaneously. Or, you can use the training leash to connect to the harness and a collar at the same time. As the name suggests, this shorter leash is especially useful for training. When connected to two attachment points is 3’ long including the floating handle, and 5’ long when attached to a single point.
  • The longer Euro Leash, is designed with the same options as the Training Leash. It offers a 5' connection when connected to two points of attachment, and is 8’ long when attached to a single point.  It can also be used as a shorter traffic control leash.
  • The Training Leash has a permanently attached “floating” handle permanently attached with a ring that slides along the leash. It can be clipped to one end for a single connection longer leash. The Euro Leash has a detachable “floating” handle, which allows the leash to be used in multiple configurations, including being clipped to one end for a single connection longer leash. The detachable handle can also be used alone in high traffic situations.

Please see the Training Leash and Euro Leash product listings for detailed information about each one. The Training and Euro leashes do not work as couplers. A Coupler for walking two dogs is available separately.

Important Note:  If you want to include either a Training or Euro leash with your harness, you MUST choose the corresponding option in the drop-down Menu.  If you choose the "No Thank You" option, no leash will be included.

Returns and Exchanges

No used harness will be accepted for return or exchange. If you have ordered the wrong size, you can exchange your unused harness within 7 days of receipt for the correct size, for the cost of shipping.


2 Hounds Design offers a harness chewing warranty repair service. Please see the Chewing Warranty link for details.

Made in the USA!

2 Hounds Design is the exclusive manufacturer of the Freedom Harness.  All of our products are (proudly!) Made in the USA! 




















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Amanda W
Jul 25, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Wouldn’t walk my dogs in anything else! I love the security they provide (don’t have to worry about them slipping out of their collar) and the fact that the under part is velvet. Like a lot of Greys, mine lack hair on the bottom of their chest and stomach so a soft, gentle material like velvet is essential. The teal color is beautiful too.
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