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Whippet Martingale Collars

Whippets are members of the Sighthound group, and as such have heads smaller than their necks. Because of this, Martingale Collars are recommended for whippets, which have a limited slip or tightening action, preventing the dog from slipping out of its collar.
We adore whippets and have many whippet customers who love our martingale collars. We typically suggest a size Small for whippets, which is adjustable from 10-15 inches. Please note that our suggestions do not take the place of actually measuring your whippet's neck for the correct size dog collar.
We find that some whippets do great with 1.5" wide martingale collars, while others have shorter necks and feel more comfortable in a 1" or even 5/8" wide dog collar. If you aren't sure what width to order, we suggest cutting a piece of paper to the width you plan to order and placing that around your dog's neck to get a feel for how that width collar will look.
Some whippet customers prefer the Buckle Martingale Collars, although they are not needed for sighthounds because their heads are smaller than their necks.  However, if you truly prefer the buckle on martingale, we suggest that you stick with a 5/8" wide or 1" wide buckle martingale for your whippet friend.
For more information about martingale collars, please visit our information page.