Black Freedom No Pull Harness

Black Freedom No Pull Harness
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Amanda W
Feb 18, 2018
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Purchased one for my grey less than a week ago and can already see the difference. It’s so easy to put on, even when he’s jumping around like a maniac for his morning walk. I’m so glad I got the training leash because that help give me control and keep him close. And when he starts to do his poopy sniff, I just unhook the chest clasp and it gives him the extra length needed to find that perfect spot.

Advantages: Very easy to put on and take off. I have two greys and it use to be a struggle just to clip their leashes on without them or me getting tangled up at some point. With this as soon as it goes over their heads they stand still and wait for me to finish. They also look pretty sporty in their harnesses!

Disadvantages: None. I do with you could get the training leashes in velvet but that’s not a disadvantage
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J Rheault
Mar 13, 2018
I absolutely love this harness. Don’t wast your money on other no -pull types, this one is the winner, by far! I know it seems expensive, I wavered for about a month before I finally purchased it. It is very worth the money. Figured if I did a review maybe I could save someone else a little money trying out the other kinds, just get this one, it’s all you need. We have an energetic rotti right around 100lbs, and with this harness even my 13yr old can walk him with no problems. We use the 2 point hook ups, for better control over the dog, he’s very protective even if things he really doesn’t need to be... so control is better.

Advantages: Easy to use!
Gentler physically, and visually than a prong collar, but very effective.
No spots that wear down in the fur (had a different harness that gave my dog hot spots). I can leave it on for a couple of hours without worrying about his skin.

Disadvantages: Hard to get on the first time, especially if you’re in a rush. Give the directions a good look through before you try it.
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Jun 11, 2017
Your product is too large for my small chichi pups Since these dogs are prone to collapsing trachea it is so important to not have a harness pressing against their throats. Can you recommend a company that sells a harness similar to yours which might work for dogs in the 6 - 13 lbs range? Will your company ever start making them for XXS dogs. Thanks
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Mary Stock
Feb 28, 2018
Ever since I got one of these from my dog trainer, when my Golden was a puppy, there has been a huge difference in walking behavior. When the harness goes on, she stops tugging, she walks nicely and she calms down. I recommend it to everyone I can!

Advantages: Gentle, comfortable, best control of any harness I’ve tried.

Disadvantages: None.
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