1" Freedom No Pull Harness

1" Freedom No Pull Harness
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Alcie Smith
Mar 2, 2018
I have a hard pulling big dog and now when we go for a walk he's a kitten
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Carol J Barthel
Feb 26, 2018
I have had my Freedom No-Pull Harness for 2 months and I am so pleased, I had to write a review. It came pre-adjusted to my dog’s chest size; unexpected surprise, and the 2 shoulder straps were simple to adjust. It is extremely easy to put on so with no hassle, I use it constantly. I have a very timid English Mastiff but when her harness goes on, it comforts her which boosts her confidence. And having a leash hook in front and at the shoulders, gives it versatility for walking or training. For my needs, it was worth the price.
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Apr 28, 2017
Have been using this harness for about 4 months for my Korean Jindo pup and i love it. She responds to training with this much more than a normal harness or collar. My only problem is, she is still learning and pulling enough that it is causing some irritation between her front legs. I have a size small as she is narrow and only 34 lbs. Wondering in i should or could order a 1" in a size small to minimize this issue.
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Mike Hinterlong
Jan 15, 2017
Great collar. I have used since my lab was a pup. About to order my third (and last) collar as she has outgrown the other two. Makes control a snap!

Advantages: Easy to use.

Disadvantages: None
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Dec 21, 2016
Don't waste your money. Does NOT work as many have stated and it is pretty funny when I read reviews that says "OMG - IT WORKED RIGHT AWAY WITH MY 500 LB DOG." Really. A bit overstated and HUGELY exaggerated. Sorry to have ordered this online so I cannot get my money back (though I don't know why that cannot be taken care of) VERY disappointed. Harnesses are NOT created equal and this is at the bottom of the list in my OPINION. I will not be recommending this harness to my friends. Sadly. That said, they are very well constructed. That's it. Like buying a non-stick pan and then your eggs stick. Hype.

Advantages: Material is well made - that's it.

Disadvantages: Does NOT work as others state.
Don't believe the hype that others say it worked right away - no it didn't. It's impossible to have something work as quickly and perfectly as other reviews.

NOTE FROM 2HD - This customer is absolutely right, the harness does not work immediately for every single dog, but is easy to use and with proper training, you and your dog will enjoy your walks again. We are happy to offer training tips and help you get in touch with a trainer in your area.
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Jacynthe Landry
Nov 24, 2016
I love these harnesses!! My coonhounds behave a lot better now while we walk :)

Advantages: I have way more control now which makes walks a lot more enjoyable for all of us

Disadvantages: The euro leash handle isn't very comfortable but works well!
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Julie S
Nov 24, 2016
My 80 lb pitbull has been secure in his harness for over 4 years. I love the security it provides and the front D ring total management. Best product for every reason. Have bought 2 others for my daughters boxer.
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Pamela Grant
Oct 21, 2016
Great fit for a whippet and she even likes it! Gives great control and much safer for whippet who cannot wriggle out of a collar.
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Sep 27, 2016
This thing is a God-send. My pup is well trained, but she gets easily distracted and tries to run after squirrels. We have tried many different harnesses when starting her training (including headcollars, easy-walk harness, and many others) and truly none worked. The head harness gave us control, but it looked like a muzzle and she could never get comfortable wearing it. The trainer we were working with recommended the freedom harness and it truly was a transformation. Even at just over a year and still learning to heel, she was able to pass her therapy dog test (thanks to the freedom harness).

Advantages: Easy to use, great warranty (which we have used before), great colors!

Disadvantages: If it gets twisted up, it can take a couple minutes to figure out how to put it on (this rarely happens).
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Sep 21, 2016
I have a Rottweiler and we pretty much weigh the same! I can easily control her with one hand using this leash, even with a squirrel in sight. It works like a horse halter with guidance and the front connect offers the best control to prevent pulling. My dog's breed was meant to pull carts - so the pulling game is fun for her. But this harness she feels the tug from the front which is not the pull she is used to for work.
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Mike Harmon
Sep 20, 2016
We just ordered our second harness due to our Boxer outgrowing his first. Love it at every level!!

Advantages: Never has seemed uncomfortable or hurt/rubbed our dog. It goes on easy and we love the versatility of two lead placements (front and back). Quality is 100%...I don't think anything has frayed and we've even washed it a few times. Love the color options!

Disadvantages: Sometimes when connected to the front the entire hardness pulls a little too far forward. This may be due to our large chested bozer...but it's minimal and nevery really an issue. We don't think he could ever wiggle out or anything...still love and we think best on the market!!!
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Sep 16, 2016
Love the harness. The trainer I sought out recommended it. The second I began to put it on my dog she stood still and became very calm. It was uncanny as she normally barely stays still ever. She was good on the leash before, only very dog reactive and it helps me keep her more stable and she is by far more responsive to changes in leash pressure and direction. So grateful to have found this harness. Also very appreciative of the premade adjustments to the harness based on the measurements I listed. It was so easy to make final adjustments

Advantages: Greater control over her body movements when she becomes reactive without her choking herself on a choke chain.

Disadvantages: The 1" double hook leash is a little long for my needs, so I hold on to the leash portions in addition to the handle and the edges are hard. I have been wearing a riding glove until the webbing softens up a bit.
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Rena Kasidonis McCarthy
Aug 26, 2016
I just received my harness on Sunday. When ordering I wondered whether it would be much different than the one I had but the reviews were so positive I had to order. Well they were right! I have a 60lb Greyhound, who doesn't really know she is a greyhound (no laid back couch potatoe here). The harness provides better control when she decides to do 360 turns in her excitement :-). Also the back and chest connect are perfect when we in higher stress environments where she has a tendency to be a bit spooky. The fit is perfect and doesn't chafe due to the velvet strap. Our walks and training are much more enjoyable. Thanks!

Advantages: perfect fit for hard to fit greyhounds
Velvet belly strap prevents chafing
Hot pink makes my girl fashion forward
Training leash with connection on her chest and back is perfect for a spooky hound- highly recommend for spooks or spooky type hounds

Disadvantages: none!
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Gina Thomas
Aug 25, 2016
We have an 8 month Akita boy who is pulling a bit too much. So during a training session for him the trainer suggested your product. Oh my goodness...360 turn about. Our Akita boy now walks next to us. NO MORE PULLING...Yes!!! He got hold of the harness and started to crew it DARN. So the trainer directed me to this site to get another one.

Advantages: This will take any puller and change their behavior very QUICKLY.

Disadvantages: ZERO
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Aug 20, 2016
I just received our Freedom No Pull Harness this week with Euro Leash. I have a one year old Labrador/Whippet mix who loves to go on walks but when we walk I feel like I am being pulled around by a pony.

Yesterday we tried our first walk with the harness, it was by far the most enjoyable walk we have ever been on. He still walked ahead of me but I didn't feel like I was being pulled along for the ride. Usually when we come into contact with people or other dogs he goes crazy, mostly because he is just excited to see friends. He did the same on this walk but I was able to control him much better. When he started trying to jump on people I was able to grab the two ends of the leash and make him walk right beside me.

I am sure over time he and I will get used to this harness and leash and we will be able to go on increasingly more enjoyable walks. I found myself able to go further with him because he wasn't pulling and I wasn't tiring out so quickly.

Advantages: Better control than a standard collar/leash combination.

Disadvantages: No true disadvantages. Getting him fitted for the harness was a two person job but getting it on him after fitting is a breeze.
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Jul 27, 2016
I adopted a Golden Retriever last year. He pulled on a simple neck leash, and I was going to get him a gentle leader collar, but re as d a blog denouncing them and recommenING the no pull freedom harness. I git one. I wanted to gibe him some space to move around, so used a retractable leash. I attached it to the loop on his back - not much difference. Then I attached it to the loop on his chest. He stopped pulling. It works the way the gentle leader collar works - turning him away from where he wants to go - without affecting his head or neck.

Advantages: Stops a dog from pulling, comfortably, without affecting the head or neck. My dog was 62 lbs. When I adopted him, then gained 10 lbs. for a more ideal weight for his frame. It worked far better than I expected.

Disadvantages: I did not find any.
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Rachel Bennett
Jun 24, 2016
Received our harness and leash today and took a lunch break to try it out. Instantaneously perfect, enjoyable, beautiful walk. My big American Bulldog is strong, and reactive to other dogs. Our walks up until today were akin to a SeaWorld show-command-behavior-treat-command-behavior-treat over and over. We just walked the "gauntlet," through the dog park, and the ONLY issue we had was that she didn't want to go home. Happy happy all the way. She only bothered with two treats the whole way. Instantly life-changing. Free your dog!!!

Advantages: Gentle control. Beautiful appearance. Thankful dog.
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Jessica Rau
Jun 8, 2016
This harness is a Godsend!! My 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrior while OK on the leash, was extremely squirrel and dog aggressive (well, aggressive is a strong word, maybe motivated is more accurate!). Inevitably, she would see a squirrel before me, and the result was a near shoulder dislocation each time! The first time I put this harness on, there was an immediate and obvious difference. As a rescue, I have no idea what she has been exposed to in the past, but putting this harness on was super easy and I had zero issues. This harness system has been a lifesaver for me, and for Donna (my pooch, I didn't name her, lol). Thank you for an amazing, quality, and affordable solution! Donna thanks you, too!!

Advantages: Easy to put on, thanks to the clips on either side of the leg, no stepping in!!

Disadvantages: NONE! But I would suggest the longer euro leash if you have an energetic dog.
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Jun 7, 2016
OMG have never been able to walk my dog 78 lb beagle/ Australian shep mix without tugging pulling hurt shoulder ankles fast pace. First time using this and it was a relaxing stroll a pure pleasure. I tried four other methods with failure. Thank you

Advantages: No hassle so easy makes walk in my dog a pleasure
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Greg Halmagyi
May 11, 2016
Love the Two Hounds Design Harness! I walk 3 large Pitties at the same time with this harness, connect the leash to only the chest ring have no problem walking them.

Advantages: Works great & as advertised.

Disadvantages: None
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Amelia Schneider
May 1, 2016
best harness ever! taught my dog how to walk on a leash with it! fixed his pulling problems immediately. i would recommend to anyone!! also has never caused any irritation on my dog!
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Debi Persing
Apr 23, 2016
I have used the Freedom No PUll Harness for years for my Greyhound's as well as for my Boston Terriers. It's the onyl harness I use now.

Advantages: Good control, works well for training and not just to teach the dog to not pull, comfortable especially for thin coated hounds, and easy to put on.

Disadvantages: None
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Britta Wilson
Apr 7, 2016
I am a dog trainer in San Diego and I always recommend this harness for large pulling dogs!

Advantages: I love the quality construction and workmanship! And I love the colors!

Disadvantages: My only recommendation is that the leash be made of rope. The handle is a bit flimsy I think and is not that comfortable to hold.
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Mar 30, 2016
Very well made product with good weight. Love that there is comfy velvet in the belly area. Love the flexibility of connection points. Very happy with the burgundy colour – the picture on the site represented it well.

We are using this harness for a greyhound that is on the small side. She’s 27.5” around. So as suggested by 2HD, we went with the medium size. It fits, but around the chest the strap is fully maxed out – maybe even a tad tight. I may have preferred to go with the larger size just to have some flexibility – ie. be able to loosen it if I wanted to – but after reading the review by Gulru Batur Feb 1, 2016, a large size may not have been good for us either. For us the size is probably fine, but it’s worth noting there is no room for growth or any flexibility for loosening for leisurely times. As is noted in Gulru’s review, 2HD can customize a harness a – which would have been good info to know up front – especially for a dog breed like greyhound, whose proportions are unique.
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Victoria Hood
Mar 27, 2016
Oh. My. Goodness. One walk and I am sold on this great harness! We have a new young greyhound who has slipped out of her martingale several times. Our first walk with the harness this morning was absolutely delightful...no pulling, no fear of pulling out of it while doing a silly "dance"

Advantages: This harness is easier to get on our squirmy girl than a martingale! It was super easy to adjust.

Disadvantages: none
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