1" Freedom No Pull Harness

1" Freedom No Pull Harness
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Jul 5, 2015
This is the best harness I have found and I've tried many. I have a dog that goes off at a moments notice and this harness keeps he and I calm. Highly recommended for nervous and reactive dogs. T-touch is a beneficial skill to know when putting it on for nervous/fearful dogs.

Advantages: Soft material, two clips so the dog doesn't have to step into it, easy to fit to exact body type, well made, price is amazing for the design.

Disadvantages: I don't want to get it wet because I don't think it would hold up.
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Nov 2, 2015
We bought the Freedom No Pull for our Siberian Husky and it has worked very well for us as he is not pulling much at all. I am also pleased to say that this is the first harness that did not rub his fur off under his legs. He and I both appreciate that.

Advantages: No pull and no chaffing.

Disadvantages: Watch your dog because any dog has sharp enough teeth to chew any harness. It happened to us and a shoe repair man sewed it back together for a very cheap cost.
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Nov 27, 2014
I can't express how much I love this halter. I purchased it from a small local shop for my pittie mix and even she loves it. She "downward dog"s right into it every time!
I recommend this for all my clients who have a hard time with walking their canine companions. Especially for older women with larger dogs this harness takes the strain away from your arm, taking away tension. It's also wonderful for canine/ canine frustration whereas fear based training methods such as prong collars add fear and pain- these halters simply divert their attention. I've had clients who can now freely pass other dogs in the waiting room with no problem!
The multiple attachment points are a real bonus, as is the comfortable fabric.

Advantages: *gentle- both owner/dog friendly!
*great for positive reinforcement training methods!
*soft fabric gentle for dogs
*multiple attachment points- allows your dog to "graduate" as training continues, or for added security

Disadvantages: * none!
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Jodi B.
Oct 27, 2014
big THANK YOU to 2 Hounds Design for the Freedom no-pull harness. I have a 100 pound 10 month old German Shepherd. We have been going to training classes and because of his excessive (and hard) pulling, the instructor suggested I get him a harness with a front leash connect ring. I did some research because I was really afraid of chaffing and wanted something easy to put on him. It didn't take me long to decide I would purchase a Freedom harness for him. I also purchased the training leash. I cannot believe the difference. He doesn't put up a fight when it's time to put the harness on. I love the fact that he doesn't have to step into it. The velour is so soft and there's no worry about chaffing since the stitching doesn't touch his legs. He runs as well with the harness on as he does when the harness is off. I'm so happy with this product that I bought a second one. Both are in orange since just about everyone in the neighborhood hunts. I'm confident that my boy is safe on his leash because of the harness and safe in the field because of the bright color. You hit a home run with this system. THANK YOU!

Advantages: Velour wrapping on underbelly piece. Easy to put on and take offer. Great color selection in a variety of colors. Well made. Get the leash for the extra money as it is nice to hook on to the harness at both spots.

Disadvantages: My dog is a chewer so there are two places on the harness that are in need of repair. Thankfully 2 Hounds Design offers warranty repairs at no cost.
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Dec 16, 2014
This harness has been a miracle for me. I have a large Dogo Argentino that I got as an adult with zero training. He was a total mess to put it nicely. The harness allows for him to realize when he is pulling and has become quite responsive to it. I love the double sided training leash, it allows for me to always have him in control, but also lets me unhook the back for him to have a little sniffing freedom. The quality is amazing and very sturdy.

Advantages: *Strong and durable
*Dog cannot escape
*Double training leash
*Fabric does not rub dogs skin

Disadvantages: *Can be challenging to put on a dog that moves a lot

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Katie Hannah
Feb 18, 2015
Great product! Both of my dogs (95 pound American Bulldog and 75 pound pit-mix) have had this harness for about 2 years. The only reason I need to replace them soon is because the hardware has corroded after hundreds of hours spent at the beach in the harnesses. Otherwise they have held up great to heavy use.

Advantages: The velvet lining is crucial for my pit mix with sensitive skin! Easy to get into and adjust and great quality.
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Jessica M
Mar 14, 2015
We just got our Freedom No Pull Harness. Previously, we used a traditional martingale harness and lots of praise/treats, but our Husky continued to be a heavy puller - taking her on walks was not fun. But now, I look forward to taking her for walks - she doesn't pull, and she is easy to redirect! I am so thankful that we found this product so that our walks can be enjoyable for everyone! It only took one walk with this new harness, and she no longer pulls like she used to.

Advantages: Easy to put on/take off.
Comes in many colors.
High quality.
Velvet lining around the legs prevents chafing.
No more "choking" your dog to stop the pulling.

Disadvantages: None!
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Mar 16, 2015
This harness was recommended to me by the trainers at puppy kdg, and it is amazing! My golden puppy pulled me all the time on walks, and trying to rein him in was exhausting. Hooked him up in the freedom no-pull harness, and he never pulled again! Have had to upsize, as he's a big guy now, and am buying two harnesses this time. The first one still looks brand new! And their customer service is awesome, too! My kind of company!
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Apr 9, 2015
Love this harness! Purchased for my growing German Shepherd Dog while in obedience school to help with training.

Advantages: Works just like it says! Will take a dog that pulls & keep him/her right next to your side.

Disadvantages: If you own a large breed dog, you will need to purchase an additional harness as they grow.
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Amanda Wright
Apr 12, 2015
Really a GREAT product!! Works wonders on dogs. A local rescue (large, powerful breed) I recomended the product to, now swear by them as well. I will never go back to using anything else. The fact that it is made right here in the US makes this product even more wonderful, not to mention the chew warrantee. Thanks for making such a quality product, and standing behind it!!

Advantages: velvet lined chest strap does not irritate my short hair breeds by rubbing under arms, helps with pulling, very versitile especially with leash set, comes in many great colors, does not slide around when in use

Disadvantages: none I've found with product. It would be lovely to have a store near by to better see the colors availible.
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Beth Edwards
May 21, 2015
I purchased the harness on advice from my trainer because my dog is fearful and anxious and can be a little naughty on leash. This harness has been an absolute Godsend! Now instead of pulling or yanking on her neck, I can just "steer" her gently either by her back or chest - there's absolutely no harm done to her and she has learned so much about my expectations.

Advantages: Ability to "steer" your dog avoids any kind of torque or pulling on the neck. My trainer told me to consider it "power steering" and it really is!

Disadvantages: The ONLY thing I wish were different is that there were collars to match AND IN GIRL COLORS!
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Mar 30, 2016
Very well made product with good weight. Love that there is comfy velvet in the belly area. Love the flexibility of connection points. Very happy with the burgundy colour – the picture on the site represented it well.

We are using this harness for a greyhound that is on the small side. She’s 27.5” around. So as suggested by 2HD, we went with the medium size. It fits, but around the chest the strap is fully maxed out – maybe even a tad tight. I may have preferred to go with the larger size just to have some flexibility – ie. be able to loosen it if I wanted to – but after reading the review by Gulru Batur Feb 1, 2016, a large size may not have been good for us either. For us the size is probably fine, but it’s worth noting there is no room for growth or any flexibility for loosening for leisurely times. As is noted in Gulru’s review, 2HD can customize a harness a – which would have been good info to know up front – especially for a dog breed like greyhound, whose proportions are unique.
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Gina Thomas
Aug 25, 2016
We have an 8 month Akita boy who is pulling a bit too much. So during a training session for him the trainer suggested your product. Oh my goodness...360 turn about. Our Akita boy now walks next to us. NO MORE PULLING...Yes!!! He got hold of the harness and started to crew it DARN. So the trainer directed me to this site to get another one.

Advantages: This will take any puller and change their behavior very QUICKLY.

Disadvantages: ZERO
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Dec 21, 2016
Don't waste your money. Does NOT work as many have stated and it is pretty funny when I read reviews that says "OMG - IT WORKED RIGHT AWAY WITH MY 500 LB DOG." Really. A bit overstated and HUGELY exaggerated. Sorry to have ordered this online so I cannot get my money back (though I don't know why that cannot be taken care of) VERY disappointed. Harnesses are NOT created equal and this is at the bottom of the list in my OPINION. I will not be recommending this harness to my friends. Sadly. That said, they are very well constructed. That's it. Like buying a non-stick pan and then your eggs stick. Hype.

Advantages: Material is well made - that's it.

Disadvantages: Does NOT work as others state.
Don't believe the hype that others say it worked right away - no it didn't. It's impossible to have something work as quickly and perfectly as other reviews.

NOTE FROM 2HD - This customer is absolutely right, the harness does not work immediately for every single dog, but is easy to use and with proper training, you and your dog will enjoy your walks again. We are happy to offer training tips and help you get in touch with a trainer in your area.
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Dec 25, 2015
My husband loves the new harnesses. He can walk the 12 1/2 yr. old Border Collie mix & the 4 month Dutch Shepherd puppy @ the same time. We love them. I'm ordering another one for our 2 1/2 yr. old Lab. We recommend these to anyone. Thank you!

Advantages: Can walk 2 dogs of different sizes

Disadvantages: None
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Michelle Jackson
Dec 14, 2015
Looks great
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Suzette Stitely
Feb 9, 2016
Have been using this harness on my 8 month old Golden for about 2 weeks now. The big advantage is the short leash that comes with it so the dog doesn't get too far in front. It's possible for the dog to still pull, but my pup is walking with a loose lead a lot more with this harness.

Advantages: Keeps dog close to you so you can keep focus easier
Easy to put on and off and to adjust
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Nancy Taylor
Aug 23, 2014
would like to have the option of a 5/8" in Large.

Advantages: Adjustable fit, quality materials and construction.

Disadvantages: Hardware is too heavy.
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Alcie Smith
Mar 2, 2018
I have a hard pulling big dog and now when we go for a walk he's a kitten
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Carol J Barthel
Feb 26, 2018
I have had my Freedom No-Pull Harness for 2 months and I am so pleased, I had to write a review. It came pre-adjusted to my dog’s chest size; unexpected surprise, and the 2 shoulder straps were simple to adjust. It is extremely easy to put on so with no hassle, I use it constantly. I have a very timid English Mastiff but when her harness goes on, it comforts her which boosts her confidence. And having a leash hook in front and at the shoulders, gives it versatility for walking or training. For my needs, it was worth the price.
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Sep 26, 2015
Bought our first harness when adopting a "highly exhuberant" pit bull mix. Worked like a charm to stop tugging and turned walks into calm exploratory experience. Buying another for the new doggy we just adopted. Wish I had this harness design 15 years ago as it would have been great for our now deceased super hauling pit bull.

Advantages: It really works at reducing/ eliminating leash pulling by strong dogs. Reduces restraint activation in anxious dogs. Saves your elbow and wrist joints from stress damage. Great product.

Disadvantages: Helpful to have a picture for proper installation as not easily intuited.
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Debi Persing
Apr 23, 2016
I have used the Freedom No PUll Harness for years for my Greyhound's as well as for my Boston Terriers. It's the onyl harness I use now.

Advantages: Good control, works well for training and not just to teach the dog to not pull, comfortable especially for thin coated hounds, and easy to put on.

Disadvantages: None
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Jody Gilbert
Nov 15, 2015
I am getting ready to order our second Freedom Harness for our Great Dane. We tried on other harnesses but since she is also very long from the front of the chest to behind her legs the adjustable strap on the front is awesome. Just wish we would have gotten the chew insurance.

Advantages: The training leash is very good for helping your dog get used to having the leash attach in a different area if you have never used a harness. It is great for pullers and helps my short self control her big self.

Disadvantages: I wish they were available in more stores. We happened upon our first one in a family owned store and they only had black/silver. I am a person that wants things right away.
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Brandi Burket
Mar 23, 2016
As a Certified Dog Trainer, this harness has been a huge help in teaching the many dogs I work with who are strong leash pullers and overly-excitable dogs.

Advantages: I love the many options this harness provides. They fit the dogs comfortably and securely, are easily resized and provide both the option of hooking the leash on the front, giving you more control, or on the back, giving the dog the freedom to run alongside a bike with you, or by using the 2 Hounds Design leash that hooks to both the front and the back.
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Leslie Maxwell
Mar 23, 2016
My Mom and I started walking our dogs together several months back. She has two small dogs and I have a 75 lb "puppy" who would drag me and strangle herself the entire walk. About a month ago she bought us a Freedom No Pull Harness and it has changed our lives!! We walk all over the place now and it's enjoyable for everyone! I can't say enough good things about our harness. The double ended lead is amazing too. Very well made and attractive. Thank you

Advantages: Won't injure dog's throat
Well made
Stops pulling dogs
My dog can't slip out of it
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