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Dragon - Brown
Dragon - Red
Dragon - Bronze
Brown Freedom No Pull Harness
Brown Velvet Leash
Dragon - Flame
Rose Pink Freedom No Pull Harness
Coupler (for walking 2 dogs!)

Neon Green Freedom No Pull Harness
Dragonflies - Black and Gold
Dragon - Copper
Turquoise Velvet Leash

Cherry Blossoms - Teal
Moss Velvet Leash
5/8 inch GROSGRAIN Jingle Free Tag Collar
Silver Freedom No Pull Harness
Domo Arigato
Purple Velvet Leash
Pusteblume - Exclusive
Sugar Skull Black
Bees - Exclusive!
Hope for Hounds - 2011
Just Dottie Black/Pink
Navy Velvet Leash
Soft Kitty
Hope for Hounds 2010
Dragon - Green
Camo Color - CHOOSE!
Royal Blue Velvet Leash
Tile Navy - Reversed - EXCLUSIVE
Plaid - Teal with Essential Leash
6 or 12 Keystone Nylon Collars (We match your donation!)
Ninjas! - Exclusive
Dragon - Lilac
Peacock - Purple - Exclusive
Emerald Velvet Leash
Antique Gold Velvet Leash
Lavender Velvet Leash