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Starry Poinsettia
Tan (1" Only) Freedom No Pull Harness
Tan Velvet Leash
Teal Freedom No Pull Harness
Teal Velvet Leash
That's Just Batty
The Holly and the Swirls
Tile Navy - Reversed - EXCLUSIVE
Training Leash Only (for Freedom Harness)
Turquoise Freedom No Pull Harness
Turquoise Velvet Leash
Venetian Blue Velvet Leash
Vineyard - LIMITED!
Vintage Candy Cane
Wabilions - EXCLUSIVE!
Wanna Play? Teddy the Dog
Wine Velvet Leash
Winter Deer Fantasy - Black
Yellow (1" Only) Freedom No Pull Harness
Freedom Harness Chewing Warranty Repair
5/8" Freedom No Pull Harness SMALL DOGS
1" Freedom No Pull Harness
1 inch VELVET Jingle Free Tag Collar
2" Dragon's Breath Martingale Collar - LIMITED!
6 or 12 Keystone Nylon Collars (We match your donation!)
Antique Gold Velvet Leash
Be Your Own Dog Teddy the Dog - Blue

Black Freedom No Pull Harness
Black Velvet Leash
Chartreuse Velvet Leash
Cherry Blossoms - Emerald
Cherry Blossoms - Fuchsia
Cherry Blossoms - Red
Cherry Blossoms Lilac
Custom Collars
Domo Arigato
Dragon - Black