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Rust (1" Only) Freedom No Pull Harness
Rust Velvet Leash

Shamrock Showers
Shamrocks and Clover
Shocking Pink Velvet Leash
Silver Freedom No Pull Harness
Silver Velvet Leash
Small Hearts Brown/Pink
Smoke Gray Velvet Leash
Snowflake Plaid
Soft Kitty
Spooky Smile
Spring has Sprung! - Green
Spring has Sprung! - Yellow

Star Bright
Star Light, Star Bright
Starry Poinsettia
Stars and Stripes - Exclusive
Sugar Skull Black
Sugar Skull Purple
Sultan - Red 2" Martingale Collar
Summer Flair - LIMITED!
Tan (1" Only) Freedom No Pull Harness
Tan Velvet Leash
Teal Freedom No Pull Harness
Teal Velvet Leash
That's Just Batty
The Holly and the Swirls
Tile Navy - Reversed - EXCLUSIVE
Training Leash Only (for Freedom Harness)
Turquoise Freedom No Pull Harness
Turquoise Velvet Leash
Velvet Collars - Custom Design Your Own!
Venetian Blue Velvet Leash
Vineyard - LIMITED!
Vintage Candy Cane
Wabilions - EXCLUSIVE!