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1" Monstrocity Essential Dog Collar
1" Plaid Birds Essential Collar
5/8" Runes
Bees - Exclusive!
Birds Plaid with Essential Leash
Camo Color - CHOOSE!
Dragon - Turquoise
Floating Chevron Black - LIMITED and delicate!
Just Dottie Black/Ocean - Limited
Just Dottie Cocoa/Turquoise - Limited
Just Dottie Turquoise/Kiwi - Limited
Lattice Royal Blue Silk Brocade Dog Collar
Lattice Turquoise Silk Brocade Dog Collar
Obedience School Dropout Teddy the Dog Collar
Preppy Mocha
Training Leash Only (for Freedom Harness)
Turquoise Freedom No Pull Harness
Turquoise Velvet Leash
5/8" Freedom No Pull Harness SMALL DOGS
1" Freedom No Pull Harness
Domo Arigato
Monstro-City - Exclusive
Paradise Found - Navy - Exclusive!
Sugar Skull Black