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Floating Chevron Black - LIMITED and delicate!
1" Plaid Birds Essential Collar
Freesia 2.0 - LIMITED!
Aquadots - LIMITED
Obedience School Dropout Teddy the Dog Collar
5/8" Runes
Madras Bowtie - LIMITED!
Preppy Mocha
Just Dottie Turquoise/Kiwi
Just Dottie Black/Ocean
Birds Plaid with Essential Leash
Just Dottie Cocoa/Turquoise
Camo Color - CHOOSE!
Bees - Exclusive!
Sugar Skull Black
Domo Arigato
Turquoise Velvet Leash
Monstro-City - Exclusive
Turquoise Freedom No Pull Harness
Dragon - Turquoise
Paradise Found - Navy - Exclusive!
Training Leash Only (for Freedom Harness)
5/8" Freedom No Pull Harness SMALL DOGS
1" Freedom No Pull Harness