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You(r pup) oughta be in pictures!

We’re celebrating our 18th birthday later this year, and since 18 is a big year for humans, we wanted to make it a big deal for all the good doggos in our life, too! To celebrate how far we’ve come over the years, we’re hosting our first-ever 2 Hounds Design Photo Awards Ceremony (but pandemic...

Freedom No-Pull Harness on Easel dog

How does the Freedom Harness Chewing Replacement Warranty work?

I ordered the Freedom Harness Chewing Replacement warranty – what’s next and how does it work? It happens, dogs chew things.  So you’ve got a chewed harness on your hands, you’ve ordered the 2HD Freedom Harness Chewing Replacement Warranty, but how does it work? Print a copy of your invoice (it should be in your...

How the Freedom Harness Chewing Warranty Works

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