A How-To Guide on Personalized Dog Collars

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Cellphone Joke

Both have collar ID.

And your dog deserves one too. Not “collar ID” but a dog collar. And not just any dog collar but custom dog collars to suit their unique personality.

You can choose a leather dog collar or good ole martingale dog collars. Either way, the perfect personalized dog collars will set your dog apart.

But how do you choose the right dog collars?

It’s important to remember what suits one dog may not suit another. It all comes down to your dog’s:

  • Preference
  • Temperament
  • Neck size
  • Activity level

Dog collars are the best way to highlight your dog’s name and attach a leash. Most dogs can comfortably wear them, provided they’re well fitted.

And dog collars come in a variety of styles:

  • Handcrafted
  • Leather dog collar
  • Designer ribbon
  • Intricate weavings
  • Beadwork

Good thing there’s room in your dog’s closet for dog collars for every purpose and occasion.

More importantly, engrave their dog collars with their name and your phone number for safety reasons. A reflective dog collar is perfect for this.

And we can’t forget to mention the yellow dog design that caters to your anxious pet’s needs. According to Tractive,

“The yellow ribbon on a dog’s collar or leash is a sign to other people, to proceed with caution. This is because the dog may not be child friendly, have health issues, have fear or anxiety issues, or is in training. Either way, apply caution when approaching. Dogs wearing a yellow ribbon on their collars aren’t necessarily aggressive. In fact, many are not. They just need a bit of extra space.”

Custom dog collars may just be what your dog needs to feel safer. So let’s dig into how to make them, shall we?

How to Make Custom Dog Collars

dog looking at human

You know that overwhelming feeling you get after receiving a personalized gift?

It could be a nice flannel or baseball cap. Or better still, for sports lovers, your favorite player’s jersey number with your name above it. Right there in glowing big letters for the world to see.

Can you see it? Do you feel… loved?

Well, guess what, your dog feels the same way too. They appreciate affection just as much as they sense resistance.

David Adam Suddit, an expert on Experimental Psychology gives us insight into this.

BS experimental psychology biology
Source: quora.com

If you appreciate personalized gifts, we’re sure your dog will love custom dog collars just for them.

Now, now. Making dog collars isn’t that hard. As long as you know your way around a sewing machine, it only takes about an hour.

So get your materials out. Your choices include:

  • Durable nylon
  • Reflective dog fabric
  • Earth-friendly soy
  • Bamboo
  • Genuine leather dog material with a brass nameplate

But enough with the materials, let’s dig into how to make custom dog collars.

Step 1: Cut the Fabric

Don’t just rush to cut the fabric, you need to measure your dog’s neck size. Here’s a useful guide.

collar measurement
Source: barkncat.com

Once you have the number, add about 20 inches for the size of the fabric. Note that the final length of the dog collar will be smaller but it will still fit your dog’s neck size.

Make the width of the final dog collar about three inches but go for what works for you. It’s just a good place to start for any dog.

Step 2: Cut the Webbing

Cut The Webbing
Source: thethings.com

Measure the webbing twice and cut it twice. It’ll be 10 inches shorter in length than the fabric itself.

Heat the ends of the webbing you cut out so the fibers can melt together. You don’t want your collar suddenly unraveling when you’re taking your dog for a stroll.

Step 3: Prepare the Fabric

Spray some starch onto your fabric then pass a hot iron over it. Starch removes wrinkles and stiffens up the fabric so it’s easier to handle. Yes, dog collars should be soft to the touch too.

Step 4: Sew a Tube

Sew the entire length of the fabric, on the inside, into the shape of a long tube. Later on, you’ll slip this tube over your webbing cut out for the dog collar. So your tube has to be large enough to fit the webbing.

Step 5: Turn it Over

Turn it Over
Source: thethings.com

Cut off any excess fabric from the sewn tube for the collar. Since all your sewing so far has been inside out, turn over the collar so it’s correctly placed. Imagine your pet in dog collars that are inside out. Not good, right?

Step 6: Insert the Webbing

Now we get into the easier parts of making dog collars. Slide the webbing into the tube of fabric you made. When the webbing is successfully inside, adjust the fabric to align with the seam and the edge of the webbing.

Step 7: Sew Both Together

At this point, your dog collars are really coming together but it’s not over yet.

Spray a bit more starch on your collar and pass a hot iron over it again. Sew the fabric and webbing together using a seam down both sides of the collar. Your thread should go through the fabric and the webbing to ensure you wind up with some really good dog collars for your best friend.

Step 8: Add the Triglide and Buckle

Once you’ve added seams on both sides of the dog collar, it’s time to add the tri-glide to it. Weave the tri-glide through the collar leaving about an inch on one of the sides. This makes it easier to loop it back together.

Next, sew up the tri-glide using a box stitch. Then add the male end of the buckle to the collar. Ensure you insert both the webbing and fabric inside the slot then pull it up to the tri-glide to weave it.

Step 9: Add the Ring and the Other Buckle

blue collar ring buckle
Source: thethings.com

If everything goes perfectly in the last step, the male end of the buckle should be locked up in a loop made by the collar and the tri-glide.

Now it’s time to slide on the D-Ring on the dog collars. Don’t fret over placing this piece on the collar, it’s not urgent.

Next, take the female end of the buckle and slide it up to your desired length for your dog collar. End with a triple stitch to secure it in place.

Step 10: Finish With a Box Stitch

Slide the D-Ring you just put on the collar to the very last triple stitch and sew it all up with a box stitch. This marks your final box stitch. Finish by trimming up any excess fabric you may have missed on the dog collars.

Your dog collar is officially ready for use. Simply add a tag with your dog’s name and your contact details then you’re good to go. Don’t forget to add a yellow ribbon to your dog collars in case your dog is anxious or in training.

There you have it, folks! The easiest guide on how to make custom dog collars for your lovely pet.

It’s time to take your dog out for a stroll around the neighborhood. Flaunt their collar around, don’t be shy, you made that from scratch.

The dog collars may not bear your name but they have your handiwork written all over it!

Why Should You Choose Personalized Dog Collars?

Dogs using collar
Source: unsplash.com

Who says your dog doesn’t deserve good dog collars? More specifically a nice custom dog collar to match their personality?

Here’s why you should go for custom dog collars:

  • You can engrave the personalized collars with the dog’s name, your telephone number, or your dog’s paw shape. It can be anything really, just be creative.
  • Custom dog collars are an excellent way to set your dog apart from other similar dogs in your area
  • Maybe you just want to flaunt your dog, then a custom doggie collar is the way to go. If you decide on personalized dog embellishments get quality materials to avoid accidents.
  • The yellow dog design is especially helpful for your anxious dog who needs space from people. A yellow ribbon on the collars should do the trick.

You’re probably thinking, “I just don’t have the time for sewing and fitting”. We get it and we’ve got you covered. Just shop from our super wide range of dog collars.

We have everything from Holiday Dog Collars to Jingle-Free tag collars. You can even get a Jingle-Free tag and include your desired details in up to five lines.

How’s that for saving time?

Don’t leave when your cart is empty. Get your dog collar today.

On that note, if the yellow dog design isn’t enough to nudge you, maybe this infographic will.

yellow ribbon
Source: tractive.com

Just pulls at your heartstrings, right?

Photo: familyminded.com

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