Harnessing Girl Power: Supporting Women in the Pet Industry

2 Hounds Design’s founder, Alisha Navarro, is proud to say that 100% of the company’s future leadership is female. Having a female-dominated staff wasn’t something Alisha planned, but given the nature of the job (sewing and detailed handwork), the majority of their applicants are women. As a standout in the male-dominated pet industry, one of...

2 hounds design team celebrates 15 years of business

How to Help your Dog with Separation Anxiety

Does your dog get nervous when you prepare to leave the house?  Does he bark and howl when you head out? Do you often come back to find your favorite pair of shoes destroyed or that your otherwise house-trained pooch urinated on the rug? Your dog could have separation anxiety. What Causes Separation Anxiety? Separation...

yellow lab in harness

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