1″ Be Your Own Dog Teddy The Dog Blue 5ft Essential Leash

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Does your dog have their own plans and opinions?

Does your dog have their own plans and opinions?

“I am going to play with this toy.”
“I don’t want to come in yet.”
“I would like dinner now, please.”
“Let’s go meet that very interesting dog over there. Quick, quick!!”
“What do you mean I have to stop rolling in this?”

2 Hounds Design is very excited to have licensed the artwork of Teddy the Dog. Well-known for his attitude and humor, Teddy the Dog makes us giggle!

This leash is made with ribbon on one side and strong webbing on the other. It is not satin-lined and is only available in a 1″ width.

Don’t forget to check out the matching collar!

Proudly Made in the USA

You can wash it in the washing machine by placing the leash in a pillow case and using the gentle cycle OR place it in a sink filled with cold water and detergent.  Let it soak and rinse it well.  Always air dry your leash.


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