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Do you worry about your pet getting separated from you but hate the jingle of a regular ID tag?  If so, here’s your answer!


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Do you worry about your pet getting separated from you but hate the jingle of a regular ID tag?  If so, here’s your answer!

Jingle-free tags can be added to any 5/8″ or 1″ collars.  They are easy to put on yet will not come off.

Made of Non Magnetic Stainless Steel .060 thick, bent to match the curve of your pet’s neck.

  • They do not get caught on things (a safety feature)
  • They make no noise
  • They will not discolor your pet’s coat
  • They do not get in the food dish
  • They do not require a ring or hook (which will wear out in time)

5/8 inch wide, 1 inch wide

5 reviews for Jingle-Free Tag Only

  1. Diane Wilson (verified owner)

    These are a must have for the tag collars. Even tho my dogs are chipped I still feel better with these on the tag
    collar as well.

  2. Jan Hulett (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best way to have the information on the collar. Nothing hanging to get caught in food dishes, fencing. All 6 of my dogs have them, they were recommended by the adoption group and I love them.

  3. Scott Bower (verified owner)

    Was upset with tag. Looks great but has five lines to enter but only four lines engraved. The fifth line was most important phone numbers. Dont want to pay another 11 dollars plus shipping for phone numbers. Had to listen to girlfriend go on and on about it for like an hour. Not happy. Like company alot third harness purchased just felt miss lead.

  4. Scott Bower (verified owner)

    After updated tag arrived like was promised. Have to update my review. This is a great company and good products. Happy with all purchases. A little mix up and everything got handled . Good customer service.

  5. K. Wagner (verified owner)

    The tagless collars are great if your dog chews his dangling tag or perhaps other dogs chew your dog’s tag! I’ve got tagless collar on my 6 month old puppy and one year old pups— excellent product. Also, have it on older dog and my friend has one on her senior dog. Gorgeous collars— love the velvet with your choice of liner color.
    Also, excellent customer service; I had questions and they got right back to me. Just know this collar is not designed to attach a leash to; that’s not the point of it.
    I have other regular 2 Hounds collars and leashes— the velvets ones— gorgeous and last forever.

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