Tan Nylon Dog Leash (1″ Only)

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The solid color premium nylon leash is available 1″ width and 4′ or 6′ length.


The solid color premium nylon leash is available in a 1″ width and 4′ or 6′ length.  The leash handle is completely adjustable so you will always be able to get the perfect grip. The stainless steel hardware will never rust or corrode and the nylon webbing has been tested to pull up to 3800 lbs.  It will not break or fray, no matter how hard your dog pulls.

There is also and option for a 6′ leash with a traffic handle that has an additional handle at the bottom (where the leash clips on to the collar) that you can use to hold your dog closer to you in high traffic situations.


18" Traffic Leash, 4 ft, 4 ft with Traffic Handle, 5 ft, 6 ft, 6 ft with Traffic Handle, 8" Traffic Handle


1 inch, 5/8 inch


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